French Courses

French is one of the official languages of the UN and ECOWAS countries and having a good knowledge of French has many advantages. It enables you to apply for jobs in international companies, agencies, embassies, NGOs, etc., and it allows you to have a career in an international and multicultural environment.
We provide French courses for english-speaking countries’ nationals who would like to learn or improve their level in French. The objectives of this program is to help our students to be comfortable with speaking, understanding, writing and reading in French.
The quality of our courses is guaranteed by our qualified and well trained teachers and various modern teaching materials.

Courses offered:
-General French for Adults: Develop French language proficiency through the use of the listening, writing, speaking and reading skills. This course helps people of any level to improve their French and speak fluently.
-General French for Kids: Children will enjoy our fun and fully immersive small French classes tailored to their age and abilities. This will help them discover and acquire a good level in French, and prepare for a brilliant future.
-Business French: To develop communication skills in the Business Field. This helps professionals to be operational in relational, administrative and commercial functions.
-French for Specific Purpose: For those who are looking for customized classes in different domains.
-Corporate Courses: We offer corporate courses adapted for companies and organizations’ staff members and lessons can be presented at offices.
-Private Classes: For Very Important Personalities who would like to study English and want to be alone per group at Langcenter or in their own place.

Special Offers:
-DELF & DALF Preparation Courses: DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) or DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) exam is indispensable to those who seek employment in a French firm or in a French speaking university.
-Conversation Classes: Practice the oral skills (speaking and listening) in order to develop the ability to communicate, to understand native speakers, to interact more fluently, and to feel comfortable when involved in an oral interaction.
-Summer Classes: During summer vacations, students can take advantage of their free time to improve their level in French and to participate to several entertaining activities.
-Translation and Interpreting Courses: Train to work as a professional translator or interpreter. At the end of these courses a certificate is delivered.
-French Year or Semester Abroad Program: This program is designed for students who need to spend a full academic year or semester immersed in another culture and language.

-Intensive Courses: 65 000 FCFA/month for 20 hours/week.
-Semi-Intensive Courses: 25 000 FCFA/ month for 6 hours/week.
-Extensive Courses: 15 000 FCFA/ month for 3 or 4 hours/week.