For the accomodation you have three possibilities:

1-Accomodation on your own. A nice self-contained room costs from 15 000 CFA per month and above. Prepare at least 10 months of rental fees plus 1 month fees to pay the agent fees. You must furnish the room on your own.

We can help you in searching for accomodation. We can host you for free for one week at your arrival until you find an accomodation.

2-Accomodation in the school’s residencies. They include mini villas of 3 to 4 rooms furnished with a bed, a table of studies, and an individual cupboard. There is a common living room, a flat screen tv, a kitchen with microwave oven and fridge. There are 2 students per room. The monthly cost is 35 000 CFA.

3-Accomodation in a high standing apartment for 50 000CFA per month with the same furniture as in point 2 except that all the rooms are equipped with an air-conditionner.